The Parent Trigger

Imagine a bill that would empower parents to improve their child’s education.  A bill that would help parents help their school to perform well. Sometimes it’s not an option for families to move or to pay tuition at private schools in order for their children to get a quality education. Something needs to change so we get our children out of low-achieving schools and into high performing schools.

The Parent Trigger may be just the thing to drastically transform public education.

“The Parent Trigger is an innovation in education reform recently passed into law in California. Briefly put, if half the parents whose children attend a failing public school sign a petitionrequesting reform of the school, the school must either shut down, become a charter school, orundergo one of two other types of reform.” (The Parent Trigger: A Model for Transforming Education)

Georgia is on the verge of putting education back in the hands of parents as Georgia Lawmakers Weigh Drastic School Reform Bill.

Last Friday I watched The Devil’s Advocate with host Jon Caldara who was joined by State Representative Don Beezley and Ben DeGrow from the Independence Institute. It’s airing again today, Monday, March 7th at 1:30 PM on KBDI Channel 12 for those in the Denver area. It’s 30-minutes packed full of great discussion about Colorado’s parent trigger legislation.

It should be all about the children and ensuring that our children receive a world class education in a competitive global society. It should be about empowering parents with dynamic public school choice options.  Hopefully the Parent Trigger will be the start of much needed education reform nationwide.
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