1 Dad, 1 Kid Travel The World

Have you ever come across an amazing story that you have to share?

Here’s one.
It’s an incredible story of an amazing Dad doing some remarkable things.


A Dad and his 9-year old son, Tigger, are leaving for an adventure next week that most of us only dream about. They’re parting with all of their belongings, planning on about $1000 per month for living expenses, and Tigger is about to embark on foods and expand his palate beyond mac and cheese.

From Cozumel, Mexico to Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, he is making his dreams come true and living them to the fullest with his son.

Tigger has a netbook to access the internet, some online curriculum, and world travel as his classroom.

Read about this Dad Extraordinaire here, but get the full scoop, no details left out, down and personal here. And here’s the full interview by Lily Leung of a Dad’s Crazy Adventure that will begin May 4th.  
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  1. Lula Lola says:

    Oh Lori! My goodness! I can't wait to read about this guy. He sounds like my hero! What a cool thing to be able to do. I'd love to be able to do this. Better than any classroom!

  2. What an adventure!! ;D

  3. Wow ~ what an opportunity ~ thanks for sharing ^_^
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  4. That sounds soooo cool. I was reading another blog today that was talking about how we let our fears get in the way of living our dream… I thik that that is the case in this one. I'd love to travel more than I do with my girls… but I'm afraid of so many things that I keep making excuses.
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