CU at Boulder Admitted Student Day 2011

Saturday was an amazing day and opportunity for students to explore the CU-Boulder campus and learn about the many academic and extracurricular activities offered. It was an invitation-only event for students who have been admitted to CU-Boulder for Fall 2011. The event attracted more than 2000 students, half of whom traveled from out of state for this day.

The Pep Rally was a fun way to start the day’s activities and included a great performance by the CU Cheerleaders and Chip, CU’s two-time national mascot. We were joined by Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano for a very warm welcome.

The first session was Navigating Your Academic Experience where students attended the session for their college or school in which they were accepted. A current CU student shared her philosophy for a successful college experience. She said that your education is what you make of it and it’s important to find balance between social and academic experiences both on and off campus. She went on to suggest 3 pieces of advice:


1- Get involved both on and off campus

2- Lean a second language

3- Shoot for a 3.5 GPA

The University of Colorado Boulder founded in 1876 is located in beautiful Boulder Colorado and is the flagship university of the state of Colorado recognized both nationally and internationally. It’s located in a beautiful area close to the mountains with breathtaking panoramic views. The surrounding area offers activities for every interest including rock climbing, hiking, art, and music and the city is filled with great culture and wonderful amenities. Within walking distance is the 29th Street Mall which opened in 2006 and is Boulder’s newest mall.


At CU-Boulder, students have 80 different academic majors to choose from at the bachelor’s level, 70 at the master’s level, and 53 at the doctoral level. There are academic programs in the sciences, engineering, business, law, arts, humanities, education, music and many other disciplines. Students can participate in the Honor’s Program and many other academic enrichment programs.

We also had the chance to check out Macky Auditorium which is where our HS graduation will be held in June. It’s a beautiful building and how apropos that my son will be graduating from COVA at CU-Boulder where he will be starting his next venture in life.

After attending several very informative sessions, we met with Alec, a student at CU-Boulder, a former Valkyrie Cadet, and a good friend of the family. He gave us a firsthand tour of the campus including a peak at the dorms, the dining facilities, and many of the classrooms and labs. We had the opportunity to ask and ask and ask lots and lots of questions. What a great day of meeting so many wonderful people and getting to experience CU-Boulder in a very personal way. Thanks Alec, you are so appreciated! 
And thanks to all of the CU staff, faculty, and students for helping to make this a very informative and fun day!


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  1. So proud of Sean! Coincidentally, my cousin's son, Alex, will be attending CU Boulder this fall – playing on the football team!

  2. How cool, Lori!! Does your son know what his major will be yet? This is such an exciting time and I'm sure you are just beyond proud of him 🙂

    And, p.s., 53 doctoral programs, WOW!

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