Graduation Planning…Is It Any Different For An Online HS Student?

It isn’t.
Planning graduation for a brick and mortar public school student and an online public school student is pretty similar.

Our checklist so far:

Order the ring 

                                        ✔ Yes, and it arrived and looks great!

And check this out, my mascot was the cougar too, we were the Kennedy Cougars!

Order the invitations

✔ Yes, and they arrived and look better than I expected!

Order the cap and gown

✔ Yes, and it arrived and fits perfect!

Send pictures in to COVA for the graduation slideshow

✔ Yes, and I’ll share those after the graduation ceremony.

Send in one senior picture

 ✔ Yes and this is the picture we’ll include in the invitations too.
Send in senior quote

✔ Yes and here it is…
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The seniors voted for a Motto, Quote, Flower, and Song and I’ll share those after graduation.

For me, one of my biggest comforts as my first child leaves the nest is that he is Prepared For College, since that’s where his path will lead him next. Our public school has been a wonderful support in ensuring that we were informed and equipped with all of the necessary college and career planning tools while exploring post-secondary options.

This is such an exciting time as the seniors get ready to embark upon a new path in life.

Next is planning for the graduation party!
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