Graphic Calculators

My son sent me an interesting post yesterday entitled Are Graphical Calculators Pointless?
It made me think about technology and teaching.  Why can’t we teach rote memorization in tandem with technology? 
An anonymous reader writes “Texas Instruments and Casio have recently released new flagship graphical calculators but what, exactly, is the point of using them? They are slow, with limited memory and a ‘high-resolution’ display that is no such thing. For $100 more than the NSpire CX CAS you could buy a netbook and fill it with cutting edge mathematical software such as Octave, Scilab, SAGE and so on. You could also use it for web browsing, email and a thousand other things. One argument heard for using these calculators is: ‘They are limited enough to use in exams.’ Sounds sensible, but it raises the question: ‘Why are we teaching a generation of students to use crippled technology?'”
It generated quite a conversation. 
What are your thougths?
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  1. Lula Lola says:

    I am totally with you! What's the point? There's so much more that could be offered!

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