National Parent Network For Online Learning Petition

currently enrolled families in an online program or prospective families wanting to learn more about the online option. The NPNOL is dedicated to educating the public about the true nature and benefits of K-12 online learning.

The NPNOL has created a petition in support of digital learning. “The effort is to raise awareness of the rapid expansion of K-12 online learning options, and the need for policymakers to ensure that state laws support online learning.”

The Digital Learning Council is an effort that started last summer when former Governor Bob Wise, West Virginia, and former Governor Jeb Bush, Florida, teamed up with Excellence in Education to develop a roadmap to education reform. The Digital Learning Council includes a diverse group of leaders with some of the best minds in the country.

The 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning is the Council’s shared vision for education in America.

Please show your support of these 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning by signing this online petition. 
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  1. What other service would survive for more than 5 years when more than half of the customers were dissatisfied? The only problem with the CA parent trigger is that it's not available to all parents. At least parents in 75 persistently failing schools will have the opportunity to review a couple options and have a voice in creating a better option for their children.

    Despite a federal mandate to create a 'good school promise' and intervene in low performing schools, there have been 'needs improvement' schools in most states for 6 or 7 years. How long to parents have to wait? The Trigger is a small step in the right direction to give parents options.

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