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BeTweenTalk, a highly moderated talk forum for kids ages 8-13 has a whole new look.

You are required to register in order to make a post, design a tweenie or play in the arcade. This forum for tweens continues to offer kids fun arcade games and a forum where kids meet online and socialize under moderation.

You can even earn points to receive awards and achievements for furthering the community like “Frequent Poster” and “Most Popular Member”! And what’s a kid’s forum without a place for Xbox Live Leaders? These leaders are tracked through their Gamer Score, a measure of how many games they play, and how good the gamers are at those games.

There’s even a place for kids to submit blog posts that act as journals and are actively moderated.

So what’s new on BeTween Talk? A Whole New Look! If you look at the design, it has completely changed! Also, there will be a community led Between Talk Blog, which asks for articles from the tween bloggers of the site to be published on the front page. Many more features are coming soon so be sure to check the site for updates!

My daughter has written several blog posts for BeTween Talk, which is a fun way to encourage writing and she is becoming an active user on the site. I highly recommend BeTween Talk; it’s truly a great place for a tween to be a tween.

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  1. Love that you posted this. Thanks!

  2. DisneyGirl says:

    GO BTT! 😀

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