The Different Reasons

Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) hosted its Senior Luncheon on Friday, May 27 at Dave and Busters. It was an amazing event which included a buffet lunch and time to mix and mingle with other COVA families, teachers, advisors, and counselors.
We’ve been a COVA family since 2004 with our own unique reasons for choosing this public school option. Over the years I’ve heard many diverse reasons why families chose this online model for educating their children. The most common are The 10 Reasons To Enroll in an Online School, and then there’s Kyle’s motive as COVA’s 17-year old entrepreneur, as well as a TXVA student’s story.
At COVA’s Student Luncheon I heard two stories that touched me. One young man’s mom and I chatted for a while and she shared how COVA truly made all the difference for her son who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The family moved from Alaska to Colorado and found COVA, which offered her son a world class education while fighting this disease. At the luncheon it was shared that her son is now cancer free and one of COVA’s graduating seniors.
We also met a beautiful young lady who aspires to be a ballet dancer and dedicates 7 days a week to practicing. The flexibility of schooling that online allows for enabled this young lady to pursue her dreams as a ballet dancer while completing her high school education. She too is a graduating senior this year.
COVA’s Graduating Class of 2011 is an amazing group of aspiring young people. Congratulations to the 18 Seniors who attended the luncheon and to the rest of COVA’s 2011 graduating class.
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  1. katlupe says:

    Such a nice looking group of graduates! It makes sense to school your children this way. They can develop other talents and interest that otherwise they wouldn't have time for in a public school. I think those schools hold children back. Maybe someday all schools will be virtual!

  2. I know that the sense of familial accomplishment that came with these diplomas must feel really good. You know what it's taken for your children to get to this point.
    I'm excited to get started!

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