"I Used to Know That: Shakespeare"

I Used to Know That: Shakespeare isn’t so much a review of Shakespeare’s plays, but an in depth introduction to Shakespeare’s life, plays, and how he has affected modern day life.

This book really surprised me, mainly because I was expecting a spark notes style review of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, but this book is completely different. The entire first chapter of the book focuses on Shakespeare’s birth, family, legacy, and a timeline of his life.

Yes, approximately half of this book is a review of Shakespeare’s plays, arranged by when they were written in Shakespeare’s life. However, a very large amount of the book is “Shakespeare’s Language Legacy”, or the words, phrases, quotes, and misquotes that are used today.

Similarly, an entire chapter is dedicated to Shakespeare’s Sonnets and other poems, which are a nice touch.

The final verdict: If you enjoy Shakespeare’s works, definitely buy this. It provides a very unique view on Shakespeare’s plays, poems, and sonnets. Similarly, if your new to Shakespeare’s works it provides an incredible introduction to his life, works, and common quotes and sayings that are credited to him.

Disclosure: This review is written by my son who has read many of Shakespeare’s works throughout his high school career.
We received I Used to Know That: Shakespeare from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest review.
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