Increasing Virtual Education Options In Florida

Thanks to the Florida Legislature for passing HB-7197 which:

Allows for the creation of virtual charter schools in every school district in Florida

Requires school districts to offer multiple providers for parents and students

Removes the requirement that a Kindergarten or First Grade student must attend a public brick and mortar school before they can attend a virtual school

Kudos to Wendy Howard, Vice President of the National Coalition For Public School Options (NCPSO) and Chapter Chair of the NCPSO Florida Chapter for playing such an instrumental role in helping to make this a reality for all families across the state. And kudos to her daughter, Jessica, who actually started a petition several years ago with a passion to change the virtual education laws in Florida. When the Howard family wanted to enroll in an online school in Florida, they learned that it was not an option for them because the law said that Jessica needed prior public school before enrolling in an online school.
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