Shifting From B&M School to Online Education: Would it mess-up my child’s entire future?

A friend of mine is considering the online option for her children and she asked me if I ever thought I would be messing up my child’s entire future by enrolling her in an online school.
I love this question!

C’mon, you’re taking your child out of a brick and mortar setting and you’re bringing your child home to school online in a public school. It can be a little scary.

I actually had similar thoughts running through my mind when I was looking into the online option back in 2004.

When I first considered moving my daughter from our traditional brick and mortar school to online, I was anxious and apprehensive and downright uncertain if I would be making the right decision. What I knew for certain was that the school she was in just wasn’t working.

My daughter was enrolled in a good year-round brick and mortar elementary school, the same elementary school my oldest son graduated from and my younger son was then enrolled in.

It’s the only school we knew. And now, after my daughter’s first 9 weeks of schooling I realized that this was not a good fit for her.

I checked out my options.

I researched online schools, attended an information session, and asked lots of questions.

I made a list that looked like this:

Reasons to enroll in an online school

 Could be a good fit

 The curriculum we viewed at the information session was high quality and engaging

 Flexibility

 We could school at our own pace

 The freedom to school anywhere

 Licensed teachers were there to help

 GT wasn’t a pull out program like it was at our B&M

 I could learn alongside my daughter

 No more “seat time”

 It’s accredited

 It’s free


Reasons to stay at our B&M school


 There’s comfort in knowing and we’ve know this school and this community for over 6 years

 We were able to enroll in this school through open enrollment. If online doesn’t work out and space isn’t available at this school, we wouldn’t be able to come back

 The year round schedule works well for our family

After weighing my pros and cons, I realized I would mess-up my child’s entire future if we didn’t try something different.

Seven years later I’m happy to say that my daughter is thriving in the online model and benefiting from all it has to offer.

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