DCSD Choice Scholarship Pilot Program

Yesterday I received the Education Policy Center Newsletter from The Independence Institute which included several updates, one of which I’d like to share concerning Colorado’s Douglas County Voucher Program.

The Douglas County School District School Board of Education expanded parental choice in March of this year by voting unanimously to approve the Choice Scholarship Pilot Program. Now the voucher program is being sued.

Parents should have the opportunity to enroll their child in a great school, regardless of the income level of that family. Too many students get left in failing schools with no choice. Now Douglas County students have a choice, but adversaries want to take that choice away.

Please read the Education Policy Center’s update below.

Douglas County, Families Press Forward as Voucher Program Sued

“On June 21 two separate lawsuits were filed in an effort to bring a halt to the groundbreaking Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program. Education Policy Center director Pam Benigno quickly responded in appearances on CBS 4 Denver and AM 850 KOA local news outlets. Meanwhile, the district has moved forward with its lottery and filled the last of the 500 voucher slots for the 2011-12 school year. Many families are preparing for their new schooling opportunities in the fall.

As part of our ongoing effort to support the local school choice initiative and the families who benefit, the Education Policy Center has created a one-stop webpage with a plethora of links and resources dedicated to understanding the Choice Scholarship Program and related media coverage and legal disputes. Tell your friends, and keep checking back as we will incorporate video and other media to tell voucher family stories, along with other links as they become available.”
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  1. What on earth is their reasoning for suing the voucher program?!? It sounds like such a great thing!
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    You have a very informative site. I am a special education teacher and a mom who home-schooled her children for many years. I'm an advocate of meeting the educational needs of the children… and this should be a prescriptive decision. No 2 children are alike and therefore; placing each one in a conventional box doesn't seem logical.

    I look forward to reading your perspective.

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  3. Hi Marisa, thanks for stopping by. I completely agreee with you. Not every student benefits from a cookie-cutter, assembly line education, our children are not one size fits all. We need choice and I hope that this voucher program will be available to the hundreds of children who will benefit from it.
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  4. I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to find this group's connection to the teacher's union. That's who has the most to lose by this.

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