Our COVA School Year Starts Next Week and Our K12 Materials Arrive

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer for the Cooney family and now the start of the school year is right around the corner.

Our school, Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) begins August 24 and we are very anxiously and eagerly opening big brown boxes and organizing our school materials and books.

In July we received this e-mail below letting us know that our K12 materials are on their way.


And very shortly after the e-mail arrives in our inbox, our materials arrive at our doorstep

Everything we’ll need to be successful in science

And a very happy camper because science is one of Shannon’s favorite subjects

Books and audio for Language and Composition which consists of Literature, Grammar,
Composition, and Vocabulary

History and Math for middle school

History, Math, and English for high school

And all of the art materials to make for a dynamic year of creativity

We are very grateful that Colorado allows for this online public school option, because for our family and many other families this option meets the individual learning needs of the students
it serves.

My oldest, Sean, is a 2011 graduate of COVA and is currently studying at CU Boulder. Classes for Sean start on Monday, and this is what yesterday looked like as we headed out to Boulder.

Ironically enough, I didn’t take any other pictures except for this one, perhaps because emotions were running high throughout the day. Leaving for college is a big step and what gave me most comfort yesterday was in knowing that he is ready. He’s ready in both life
skills and academics. COVA is known for its academic excellence and its ability
to support the individual needs of students, and I am confident that Sean is prepared for college.

On a side note: I have been working very hard this summer to get my blog switched to WordPress and I’m grateful to Sharon Hujik, author of How To Move From Blogger To WordPress for all of her help and support throughout this sometimes challenging process. Thanks to one of my readers, I realized last night that not all of my posts are formatted
correctly, especially the photos in individual posts. I’m working to get this fixed as quickly as I can.

I hope that everyone has a very successful and fun 2011-12 school year!

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  1. Hi Lori, thank you so much for sharing your COVA experience. I’m a newbie planning to try COVA as soon as I receive the materials. My 3rd grader is happy in our neighborhood b&m school but I think the curriculum there is lacking, especially when it comes to Math and Science (not to mention World History or Foreign Language, which is nil). I have a dilemma here: I’d really like to give my daughter a few days of COVA lessons first before making the final decision. I want to know if it’s going to work out for us before withdrawing her from her highly regarded neighborhood school. I just talked to a COVA call person today and she said I wouldn’t be able to complete the enrollment process and receive the materials unless I withdraw her first. Not knowing what else to do, I went to k12 online store and directly purchased books and materials for 4 courses so I can try them out. But even after I have made the full payment, it looks like I won’t be able to login in and access the courses until 9/9. I’d really like to start earlier as I know the COVA semester has already started and the courses may be challenging and I don’t want her to fall behind too much.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

    • Hi Nina,

      I understand that you want to be sure this is a good fit for your daughter before you take her out of the school she currently attends. I had similar concerns when we started COVA. We were not in our ‘home’ school, we were open enrolled in a school 4 miles from home, so if I took my daughter out she was not guaranteed a spot back in. If your daughter is enrolled in your nearest neighborhood school then that’s her ‘home’ school and she will be able to re-enroll there if for some reason COVA doesn’t fit her needs. Knowing that you do have that option may alleviate some of the anxiety about not knowing if this will be a good fit.

      Here’s a post I wrote a while back on Choosing Curriculum which offers several sample lessons for you to check out.

      And here’s a post on Constitution Day which offers K12 lessons from K-12.

      And here are K12 K-8 sample lessons for you to check out right from K12’s site.

      As a parent of 3 children who have been enrolled in COVA since 2004, I can honestly say that the K12 curriculum is a rich, core knowledge based curriculum that truly makes learning come alive. And our experience with COVA has been very positive and rewarding.

      I totally remember back in 2004 when I started COVA with my 5-year old daughter. Taking your child out of the traditional B & M setting that you’ve known for years and moving to a public online school can be an uneasy thing.

      Please-mail me if you have other questions or if you’d like to talk on the phone. I’d be happy to share my experiences with you as a parent.
      Ljcooney3 at gmail dot com.

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