“Something Doesn’t Have To Be Wrong For It Not To Be Right”

I’ve been so wrapped up in making the move to WordPress and with my son making the move to college that I completely missed:

The excting news!

I started blogging last January and I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Anne, author of Lula Lola.  Carol Anne’s news is exciting and so well shared on her blog.  Check out what’s got her and her family all motivated and eager to start the new school year.

As parents we all have our own diverse reasons for choosing a public or private school for our children, but we all have the same goal in mind and that’s for our children to receive the best possible education.  For Carol Anne’s family, the choice to enroll in an online school doesn’t mean that something has to be wrong for it not to be right.

Check out her post, I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!

Enjoy your journey, Carol Anne!

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  1. I love the new site! Looks so great! Thanks for the sweet words! And all the encouragement! I’ve really admired your excitement about school and wanted to follow suit! I’m still getting my feet wet, but, so far, so good. We’re very excited!!
    Thanks for inspiring me to step out of a box that we didn’t fit into very well!

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