Book Review: I Used to Know That: Geography

I Used to Know That: Geography

Stuff You Forgot From School

By Will Williams, Edited by Caroline Taggart

This 176-page hard cover book is packed full of information divided into nine chapters including one about the Earth, one about our oceans, and one chapter for each continent.

There are some great charts and maps included in this book along with Geo Gems, which are eye-catching fun facts about our world.

Are you ready to test your knowledge?

Do you know which of our oceans is the youngest?  How about which ocean is the largest?  Which mountain range is the highest in the world?  What are New Zealanders called?

Did you know or guess that the youngest ocean is the Atlantic Ocean?  And the largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean, did you get that one?  The highest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas and “New Zealanders are called Kiwis, an affectionate term that refers to the flightless kiwi bird.”

I love those moments of remembering and revisiting the things that I learned and the moments when I learn something new.  This book is a fun way to test your knowledge of what you remember from your studies of geography and it offers a fabulous journey full of discovering all those amazing facts about our world.  There’s something in here for every age and it would make the perfect coffee table book inspiring conversation.

Disclosure:  I received I Used to Know That: Geography from FSB Associates in exchange for my honest review.

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