Letters to the Editor: The Positive Parent Perspective of Online Learning

10.7.11 Daily Camera
Positive experiences in academic progress

“As the parent of an online student whose growth and academic progress have been remarkable, I am closely following the additional scrutiny some cyberschools have been receiving. My concern with the recent reports in the Daily Camera about challenges facing online education is that there wasn’t much space devoted to the many positive experiences like ours.

Thousands of Colorado children wouldn’t be choosing online education in the first place if their traditional schools had met their educational needs. That was the case with our family.

Online schooling allows us to be deeply involved in our child’s education on a daily basis. We follow along with the curriculum and keep track of our child’s progress. We can provide the appropriate support and pace he needs for each subject.

Unfortunately, not every student enrolled in public online education gets that kind of support at home. However, that certainly is true of children in public education in general. Even though some kids do get all the assistance they need from their families, they still don’t do well in conventional classrooms.

We appreciate that Colorado allows them an option like online schooling.”


 9.29.11 The Gazette
Missing a critical point

 “The Sept. 27 article, by the AP, about Senate President Brandon Schaffer’s call for an audit of online schools misses a critical point: Online public schools meet the needs of a unique student population who aren’t being served by traditional public schools for any number of reasons. My son is enrolled in a public online school where he learns at his own pace, masters skills before moving onto the next concept, and has the flexibility to participate in enrichment activities that aren’t available in a traditional setting.

My husband and I selected this online school partly because it’s held accountable to the same state standards as a traditional neighborhood school. Plus, public online school students make up such a small percentage of all students who are enrolled in public schools in the state; cutting our budget wouldn’t even make a dent in solving the state budget issues. Why would we pick on these students?

All children in Colorado deserve to go to a public school that works best for them. My family and thousands of others need this option. This audit looks to me like yet another attempt to limit the freedom that parents have to choose.”

Tillie Elvrum
Colorado Springs

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