Steve Spangler Science: Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste

Steve Spangler’s latest experiment book was a huge hit in our home!

Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste is chock-full of experiments that make learning a journey full of discovery.

The colorful pictures that go along with each experiment give a great step-by-step visual.  Every experiment has a short “What You Need” list along with a picture of each item needed.  Also included are step-by-by directions accompanied by pictures which show you how to complete each experiment. Making science fun is just as important to me as making science easy to understand and this book does just that.  I love how the experiments all have a “What’s Going On Here?” section which expounds on your understanding of what just happened.

Check out a few of the experiments that we tried.

 All the materials you will need for Colorful Convection Currents

5 simple steps to complete the experiment

Using food coloring to color the warm and cold water

 And now to read on and find out what’s really happening as hot and cold air masses meet

Next we took the challenge of Balancing Nails

First we hammered a nail into the center of a block of wood

After we got the nails to balance we took it one step further and slowly removed one nail at a time and finally the system collapsed

 Fireproof Balloon was a whole lot of fun, water balloons and kids just go together!

Definitely wear your goggles for this one

We slowly moved the balloon closer to the flame until it popped

Then we filled a balloon with water and blew it up and we had a misfire

 This time it worked!

Exploding Toothpaste looks like such a cool experiment, but we have to wait for my son to come home for Fall Break to do anything involving explosions!  There’s even a Kid-Friendly version of Exploding Toothpaste, but with my son’s love for science, he’ll no doubt want to go for the big explosion.

I just love everything about this book.  From the very first chapter, Air-Mazing, which looks A-Mazing to the very last chapter, The Super-Secret Teachers-Only Section and everything in-between, this is a must have experiment book that will surely make science come alive for you!

I’m thrilled to be a panelist on Steve Spangler’s first real Twitter party about his newest book, Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste. The Twitter Party is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 from 7-8pm MST.  Please join us for some Spangler Science fun!

And don’t forget to check out Steve Spangler’s Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes which is a family favorite experiment book in our home.  Check out my review.

Join Steve Spangler for lots of great conversation on his Facebook page and join Steve on his Official Blog for thougths on making science fun!

Disclosure: I received Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste for free from Steve Spangler Science in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Lori thank you so much for reviewing Steve’s new book. We all love seeing kids so engaged and excited about science.


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