The 2011 Youth Leadership Initiative National Mock Election

It begins TODAY!

October 24, 2011

7AM Eastern Time and will be open through Thursday, November 3 at 5PM Eastern

I’m giving a shout out again this year to the Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) which conducts the largest secure, student-only online mock election in the nation.

This year the YLI is creating the historic event that never happened. The polls will open with an epic match between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton for Political President of the United States. The YLI has provided these lesson plans, “Comparing Jefferson & Hamilton: The Birth of Political Parties” (middle and high) or “Hamilton vs. Jefferson: The Race for the Mock Political President” (elementary) to help students learn about the founding of America’s party system, federalist and anti-federalist perspectives, and to determine if they should vote for Jefferson or Hamilton!

The 2011 Mock Election provides the opportunity for students to establish a habit of voting and engaging with our democracy. This year’s election topic will have students critically examining the struggles between the federalists and anti-federalists that led to the creation of American political parties. You also have the capability to customize your ballot to include local or even classroom or school-wide races.

Ballots for this Mock Election will also include gubernatorial elections in Kentucky and Mississippi.

Visit the Youth Leadership Initiative and click on “Mock Election” to learn all about the 2011 Mock Election and how it can be customized. Mock Election results from across the nation will be online beginning Friday, November 4th.

YLI also offers civic education resources absolutely FREE and it’s a great way to involve students in the American electoral and policy making process. 

Lesson plans are geared towards high school, middle school, elementary, and college levels and units range from Civic Education Skills and The Constitution to Congress and the Legislative Process and Talking Turkey: Dinner Table Discussions. 

The YLI offers all you’ll need to help make civic education come alive!

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  1. We are a bit late as I am new here but is there a way that we could put on a mock election in our school I just found out about your program ?

    Thank You ,

    Paul Carignan

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