Getting Connected In an Online School

Making connections in a virtual school environment is very important to a successful school year for the learning coach/mentor and the student.  There is no magic formula in getting connected or in building relationships; “YOU” really have to make it happen and so does your child.

Here are some ideas to help get you connected in your virtual school:

Field trips and community events are a great way to meet others in your virtual school for both parents and students.  There are the traditional academic field trips and field trips geared towards just plain having fun and socializing.

A parent forum or community for discussion is always a great place to share thoughts and ideas and meet people with similar interests and values,  and who knows, someone in that forum may just live very close by.  Forums for students are often offered through a secure online environment within the LMS, although social networking sites are becoming a more common meeting ground for students.

Is there a parent-led co-op in your area?  If not consider starting one because they really are a great support for students and parents.  Parents come together to teach students coursework in a group setting while providing social opportunities for their children and the parents take advantage of the social setting as well.

What about starting a Parent Coffee?  That’s a great way to keep it local and meet others in your area. If your school doesn’t offer a Parent Coffee, consider starting one and advertise through a discussion board or see if your school will allow a notice to go out under parent-led opportunities.

School Accountability Committees and/or School Board meetings are another great way to get involved in the school while meeting some other parents.

Don’t forget about all of the social media sites available too!  Most online schools have a Twitter account and a Facebook page, so check out who’s tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook.

A great way for students to get connected in a virtual school is through student clubs which typically happen online as well as face to face, so check out what your school has to offer.  And, if your school doesn’t offer a club that your child is passionate about, ask your school if your student can start and led one.  Chances are if your child has an interest in that club, other students will as well.

Getting connected and staying connected in an online school takes effort on both the part of the learning coach/mentor and the student.  It’s certainly a worthwhile investment of your time to reach out and make those connections happen.  It could very well be what makes for a successful school year in the online environment.

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  1. Christine says:

    GREAT info here Lori! “Getting connected and staying connected in an online school takes effort on both the part of the learning coach/mentor and the student.” Says it all! THANKS for working so hard and putting this info out there for families!

  2. We haven’t ever branched out into the online world for our schooling. I’m sure we will at some point though. I can see the value of staying connected!

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