The Toys Are Back In Town!

A Disney Show wouldn’t be complete without Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy, who opened the show for Toy Story 3.

Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 was a magical, fun, family night with one of our all-time favorite characters from a long time loved movie.  The skating was superb, the story line, although at first different from the movie, was very entertaining.  The first act referenced many scenes from Toy Story 1 and 2 using flashbacks while the second act was much more in line with Toy Story 3.

It would be difficult to really understand the storyline in Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 if you hadn’t watched Toy Story 3 the movie.  Even though the plot would be difficult to understand for someone who hadn’t seen the movie, the show itself was amusing and thoroughly enjoyable.

All of the costumes were fun, the choreography was breathtaking, and the skating in last night’s performance was flawlessly spectacular.  Each and every song in the show was perfectly fitted to the dance routine.  At one point Woody even asked the audience to dance along and there were lots of little ones shaking it in the aisles.

Last night, the Pepsi Center was filled with laughter, cheering, and swaying to the music throughout the entire performance from start to finish.  And for me, it ended with a tear trickling down my face as Andy packed up his toys for college.

This is a must see show, especially for those long time Toy Story enthusiasts.  Woody, Buzz and all of their friends will surely take you and your imagination to “Infinity and Beyond”!

The Green Army Men

 Woody’s Roundup

Barbie and her friends, of course who were joined by…


And Andy giving away his toys.

Disclosure: We received tickets from Feld Entertainment to Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 in exchange for an honest review of the show.

Thanks to Feld Entertainment for the awesome seats, the cameras for the kids, and the popcorn!

Note: Highlight of a Virtual School Family Series will continue on Monday!

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful show! I love Disney and ice skating shows, so what a wonderful combination!

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