Highlight of a Virtual School Family: Nico’s Mom

Today, our Highlight of a Virtual School Family comes from the state of Washington.

Nico’s mom and I met several years back through my work with the National Coalition for Public School Options. Nicolas is 7 years old and in his third year attending the Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA), an online public school.

Nico’s mom makes some great points as to why this public school option is so fitting for her family, and she adds some insight into another reason why this option is important in her comment, “Looking back, I wish that I had the opportunity to go to an online school; I would’ve gone so far in my speed skating career.” Virtual schools allow students to follow their dreams while attaining a high quality education. Kyle Feno’s story is a perfect example of this, and so is Thia M’s story as an American Idol Finalist, and Mirai Nagasu, a Capistrano Connections Academy graduate and Olympic level figure skater, and Jordan Windle whose goal is to be a member of the 2016 US Olympic Team.

Thanks to Nico’s mom for sharing today.

I have been looking for the perfect school for Nicolas since he was only 3 yrs old; I knew from the beginning that it wouldl be very hard to find the perfect school for him. I visited so many different schools from public to private. Honestly, I was unhappy and worried because of all those school weren’t meeting my expectations.

One night, while I was watching my evening news I saw an advertisement about High School online learning and that’s when I found out that I have another options to look into besides brick and mortar school. I decided to do research on these online schools and the more I learned the more I was convinced that this is the best way to educate my son. I chose K12-WAVA because they offer a great curriculum and flexibility at the same time. Believe it or not this is our 3rd year with WAVA. We love our teacher, she is very organize and committed; it’s amazing how close these teachers work with their students and parents considering that most online teachers have a lot more kids than the regular brick and mortar school. The best thing about this online school is the fact that we as parents are able to be involved with our kids’ education. We know exactly if they are having difficulty understanding the materials. Learning is Not a one size fits all kind of thing because each and every kid learns differently. I can tell you that Nicolas wouldn’t be excelling the way he is if we would have sent him to regular school (Nicolas is 7yrs old and he is pulling 3rd grade and 4th grade materials). Looking back, I wish that I had the opportunity to go to an online school; I would’ve gone so far in my speed skating career. Online school gives my son the opportunity to compete in karate without missing any school days. My friends asked me, “What about socialization?” Nicolas has more opportunity to play and socialize compared to his other friend who goes to regular brick and mortar school.

I can list pages upon pages why I love my son’s online school, curriculum and teacher. I hope that each and every state offers and supports these Online Schools because they are Great schools. Each and every kid needs to have an option should they feel that regular brick and mortar school fails them or perhaps they feel unsafe for whatever reason.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Jolie!

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