Outstanding Online Teachers and a Prepared College Student

There are so many above and beyond teachers that my family has had the pleasure and opportunity to work with over the years in Colorado Virtual Academy.

Our Colorado Virtual Academy Teachers ROCK!

Sometimes you come across teachers who impact your student’s life in a very special and meaningful way.  This shout-out is so long overdue, yet it’s never too late to say thank you and acknowledge outstanding teachers.

Mrs. Linnea Burson, previously known to her students as Ms. Linnea Ingraham, was my son’s 9th grade Honors World Civilizations teacher and his 10th grade AP US History teacher. What makes Linnea such a great teacher?  If I had to single out one reason, it would be the high expectations she set for her students and how she never let those expectations alter.

In 10th grade my son, Sean, took his first AP class and it was an eye-opener!  The class moved at a faster pace than the Honor’s courses he had previously taken and it was an intense and challenging course.  To this day my son still reflects back on his AP US History teacher who helped him better understand and appreciate US history and who had a lifelong positive impact on his writing.

As Sean set off for his first year of college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I had lots of mixed feelings; this was my first child to go to college.  Among some of the things that gave me comfort was the fact that he was prepared.  Through his high school years, Sean became a motivated self-starter with great communication skills and he was undoubtedly prepared academically for a successful college career.

Sean took a writing class as an elective last semester and he received a comment from his professor that he had the best thesis statement out of the entire class.  This is a direct reflection on the individualized instruction that my son received from Linnea and the continuous support he received from her throughout the year.

In 11th grade Sean enrolled in AP English Literature and Composition and in 12th grade in AP English Language and Composition where he continued to develop and strengthen his writing skills with the support of another outstanding teacher, Cynthia Sheely.

Cynthia, like Linnea, set high expectations which yielded high results.  Both Linnea and Cynthia showed expertise in the subjects they taught and they built strong relationships with the students in their class.

Teacher quality matters and directly influences student achievement. Effective classroom instruction and individualized instruction are key to student success.

You both have a way of making learning come alive and encouraging students to excel. Thank you for being such great teachers!

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