Colorado Cyber School Students Didn’t Let The Weather Stand In The Way!

Despite yesterday’s blustery, snowy morning and extreme road conditions, over 1000 people gathered at the Colorado State Capitol for a day of shared learning and celebration of the online public school option in Colorado.

Each year the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families (CCCF) and the Colorado Cyberschool Association (CCA) hosts Cyberschools Day at the Capitol.  CCCF is a parent-led organization that supports and advocates for the online public school option in Colorado.  CCA is an organization of Colorado Public Cyberschools that came together to share, support, and establish standards of excellence for its membership which includes 8 diverse full-time online programs.

Day at the Capitol is an opportunity each year for cyber school students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, friends and supporters of online education to gather and show our legislators that cyber schools are an important part of the public education system and to celebrate this choice.

The morning activities started at the Denver Art Museum with poster making, writing letters to legislators, touring the museum, and the opportunity to mix and mingle.

At 11:30 we marched over to the West Steps of our State Capitol for the rally.  We were joined by Dr. Amy Berk Anderson, assistant commissioner of innovation & choice for the Colorado Department of Education who shared remarks with our families.

Throughout the rally, we honored legislators who have proven themselves as longstanding champions of school choice and protectors of Colorado’s public online schools with the Golden Apple Award.  Our cyber school students read legislator’s bios and presented the Golden Apple awards to the following legislators who each shared a similar message with our families: They understand the value of online learning and they support choice in education:

Representative Ken Summers

Representative Brian DelGrosso

Senator Keith King

Speaker Frank McNulty

Senator Mike Johnston

Senator Bill Cadman

Representative Tom Massey and Representative Robert Ramirez will also receive an award but unfortunately they were not able to join us for the rally.

We were also joined by Assistant Senator Minority Leader Scheffel, Senator White, and Representative Young.

I could sense the boost at the rally from families that the legislator’s presence brought. Our parents and students were greatly encouraged hearing directly from their elected officials, and their show of support yesterday was greatly appreciated.

Jennifer Roy, Chapter Chair of the Texas Chapter of the National Coalition for Public School Options and a Board member of the National Coalition for Public School Options (NCPSO) flew out to Colorado to share in our day and show her support.  The NCPSO is an umbrella group over our state coalitions and chapters.  It is a parent-led organization that supports and defends parents’ rights to access the best public school options for their children. Jennifer’s remarks to our families were a welcome and very much appreciated addition to our day and it helped to bring a sense of how our two organizations work together and support one another.

Dr. Jamie Van Leeuwen, Senior Advisor for Governor John W. Hickenlooper joined us in reading the Governor’s Digital Learning Day Proclamation.  In celebration of Digital Learning Day, the Governor’s office and CCA partnered to pilot an essay contest for online students. There were 3 essay winners in the categories of Elementary, Middle, and High School.  Dr. Leeuwen read all of the names of those who participated in the essay contest and 2 of the essay contest winners were present at the rally, so we had the privilege of listening as they each read their essays.

There were many positive messages conveyed in support of the online public school option and choice in education at yesterday’s event.  We are very grateful to have been joined by so many of our Colorado Champions who are a voice for our families in support of this public online school option.

Colorado Cyberschools Day at the Capitol was a great day and a huge success!

Please scroll down to the left footer to see a slideshow of yesterday’s event.  More pictures will be added as they come in.



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  1. Cyberschool people are clearly hearty and photogenic!

  2. Glad to see that your capitol days are still going strong with lots of support. Keep up the good work in Colorado!

  3. wow, sounds like quite a day for Cyberschool families! And cold, brrr! I am so heartened to see such support and attention for true school choice! 🙂

  4. We do this every year with our students in Pennsylvania in May!

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