Digital Learning Day in Colorado

Yesterday’s Digital Learning Day event was a great day of celebration and sharing in Colorado!

The event took place at the University of Denver and was hosted by the Morgridge Family Foundation, and the University Of Denver Morgridge College Of Education.  It was well attended with representation from the Clayton Elementary School Tigers, the Colorado Cyberschools Association, the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families, Insight School of Colorado, Colorado Connections Academy, Branson School Online, Hope Online Learning Academy CO-OP, Colorado Virtual Academy, and other supporters of digital learning.

Dr. Mary Stansbury, Program Chair and Associate Professor, kicked off the event with a warm welcome and introduction of Lt. Governor Joe Garcia who is a champion in Colorado for his support of education at all levels.  Lt. Governor Garcia talked about how kids ought to be equipped with the technology needed to help them succeed.  He commented that not all kids in Colorado have access to the internet, so we need to look at what we need to do to make sure every child has the skills and equipment they need in order to help them succeed.  Lt. Governor Garcia read Governor Hickenlooper’s proclamation declaring February 1, 2012 as Digital Learning Day.









There were so many wonderful highlights of the day, including the broadcast of the National Town Hall Meeting, which featured Englewood High School in Colorado.  The Englewood School District presented on the great innovative ways they are using technology in the classroom.

Kristen Kipp, the National Online K-12 Teacher of the Year and an online English teacher at Colorado’s Jefferson County’s 21st Century Virtual Academy also shared some remarks. Kristen shared how the online model truly allows learning to become personalized and she really gets to know the students in her classroom.  Kristen shared about the 3 most important connections to make in the online model:

1-Connect to the content

2-Connect to each other

3-Connect to the teacher

What made this day truly reflect that this is all about the kids, was the last few minutes which were given to the Clayton Elementary School Tigers.  Students came up to the mic one by one and shared how technology helps them learn.  We heard about how their netbooks, clickers, and SMART Boards were great tools to complement their learning.  In closing remarks, one student stood up and thanked her teachers and all those who teach for helping her and her fellow classmates to be able to explore what they want to do in the real world.

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