Online School Student Waits 6 Years

My oldest, Sean, is a 2011 Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) graduate currently attending CU-Boulder.  He was SO excited today to wake up to a RAVE alert, which is a text-messaging service enabling the campus to notify students via mobile phone in case of a campus emergency.  Today’s emergency message is that CU Boulder campus is closed.  Cancelation of classes due to weather has not happened for Sean since he enrolled in COVA in 2005.

I remember Colorado’s blizzard of 2003 and my children missing 5-school days.  It’s great to see that schools are experimenting with the idea of virtual snow days, like in the Boulder-area schools.  Virtual snow days would allow students to stay on track with daily instruction and ensure that the students stay on track with the school calendar without having to extend the school year.  It’s great that these conversations are going on and hopefully, soon, very soon, all states will advance in education reform to ensure that all students have access to the tools necessary to help them succeed.

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  1. The snow is really flying here and the wind has kicked up…but my cyberschooler is in the middle of class right this minute…instruction goes on rain or shine. =)

    • So true Tillie. My youngest just finished her live instruction and is moving on to Algebra. My younger son kept an eye on the weather and took advantage of completing all of his weeks’ worth of work so he would have today off.

  2. Just recently one of my friends was complaining about her daughter, who is 6, having to go to school on a day when a storm was expected. She kept her home because she was more afraid of a bus accident or getting stranded at the school. Her question on Facebook , “Am I wrong to keep her home because I fear for her safety?” One of her friends replied to her, that was her reason for homeschooling her children. Some parents don’t think they have the ability to homeschool their children. A virtual school though, would be a better answer! I think it should be a nation wide option.

    • Great comment Kat! And I completely agree with the way you think: Parents nation-wide should have the virtual school option available to them.

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