Perfect Moment Monday: Sibling Bonding

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

Today I’m hooking up with Lori, author of Write Mind Open Heart.  On the 4th Monday of each month Lori’s bloghop engages in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join.  Please check out Perfect Moment Monday at Write Mind Open Heart and continue on to read my perfect moment below. 

Last Wednesday was a big day for my little girl, who is not such a little girl anymore. She turned 13 last month and with the birthday money she received I helped her to purchase 2 tickets for one of her favorite bands, Big Time Rush.

Big brother, who is currently attending CU Boulder, offered to take her to the concert.  He pulled some very late nights in order to get his work complete and be able to make Wednesday’s concert happen for his sister. 

Here’s a picture of Big Brother Extraordinaire and his Very Excited Younger Sister before leaving for the show.

Sometimes, perfect moments like this are the moments you get to relish in as a parent, and that’s what makes this moment a very special moment for me. 

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  1. These are the moments ALL parents hope and wish for! Warms my heart!

    Way to go big brother, your sister will carry that in her heart forEVER!

  2. How sweet. All those years of saying, “Take your sister with you…” must have paid off.
    Funny thing is that they both look soooo young.
    Congrats on raising two cute kids.

  3. Exactly what Christine says. I, too, hope that familial love shows in such big ways between my children the way it does with yours. Says a lot about you, Lori, that you fostered this! And also about your amazing kids.

    Happy belated birthday to your daughter, and I wish that she and her brother have a fabulous night at the concert!

  4. So cute!! I love the closeness that they showed and how much he did for her to make it special! Happy Birthday to your daughter–my son just turned 13 on Tuesday! 🙂

  5. Here via PMM! Reading your post tonight was a perfect moment for me! I love that your children get along so well and got to do that together! I have an 8 year old son and 2 year old daughter, as well as another baby watching over us. Anyway, my hope is that when they are older they will still have good relationship and want to spend time together, as they do now. Love that yours do!

  6. Love that story and photo. I always love about hearing siblings being close and having fun together.

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