Valkyrie Cadet Squadron: February Promotions

Promotion night at Valkyrie Cadet Squadron is a very special night for our cadets.   They work hard to earn each promotion and must progress through all the enlisted grades before becoming a cadet officer. Each achievement requires the completion of passing a leadership and aerospace test, a CPFT (Cadet Physical Fitness Test), and a drill performance test.  The cadets must attend a moral leadership class and participate in at least one squadron activity every 2 months.

Valkyries must also pass a promotion review board (PRB).  The cadet enters the room and answers questions from the Board which is made up of cadets and senior members.  The PRB is a formal exchange.  It is expected that the cadet’s uniform look as close to regulation as possible and that the cadet conduct himself/herself with thorough attention to customs and courtesies.  The first few PRB’s can definitely be an intimidating experience for cadets, but it offers a great opportunity to practice public speaking and be able to think on their feet as they answer questions from the general knowledge database as well as thought provoking questions.

Valkyrie Cadet Squadron’s February promotions

 New cadets get sworn in

For a perfect attendance award the cadet must attend every meeting within a quarter and to earn an exemplary attendance award the cadet must attend 75% of meetings within a quarter.

Other promotions included:

Two Wright Brothers Milestone Promotions

The Wright Brothers Award, which is the first of 5 milestone awards given in the Cadet Program, is awarded to those cadets who have successfully completed and passed the comprehensive test covering the material learned over the first three achievements along with other promotion requirements.  The cadet has now earned the grade of Cadet Staff Sergeant (C/SSgt).

A special shout out to C/SSgt Shannon Cooney

And I’d like to give one more shout out and that’s to our Squadron Commander, Major Thom Scheffel.  Major Scheffel’s leadership, commitment, and dedication to the Valkyrie Cadet Squadron is very much appreciated and valued. Major Scheffel has commanded this squadron for over 7 years now and he is encouraging and inspiring and has truly made a difference in the lives of countless cadets.  Thank you, Major Scheffel, for all you do to help make our Valkyries the best they can be!

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