Looking at public and non-public school options for next year?

Can you believe it’s already March?!  We are nearing the end of the 2011-12 school year and right now is the time to be checking out and looking into what school your child will be attending for the 2012-13 school year.  If it’s your neighborhood school that your child will attend, then now is a great time to go visit the school, talk to other families currently attending the school, and ask questions that you may have.

If you’re searching for public or non-public school options, then now is the perfect time to be checking out what’s available in your state.

Colorado has many resources available to parents who are searching for just the right school to meet their child’s individual learning needs. Below are the sites I highly recommend:

School Choice for Kids is a parent-friendly website that offers information for finding schools from early childhood education and preschool, Pre-K-12, public, non-public, to resources for homeschooling.  There’s a great iVoices podcast which explains the site and how to navigate through. 

Ed News Parent Colorado has a great site where you can search, find, and compare schools and there’s a site available in Spanish. There’s also a great iVoices podcast where Van Schoales is interviewed and shares more about this site.

Colorado School Grades is an easy site to use and you can learn how a school is performing and compare it to the performance of other Colorado schools.

Colorado League of Charter Schools  has a great School Finder on their site which lists all Colorado charter schools in alphabetical order.

Colorado Department of Education (CDE) offers a great one-stop place to find a list of all Colorado online schools.  CDE’s Unit of Online Learning lists available Online Programs, a short summary of what the school offers, a link to the school’s website, and contact info for that school.

Here’s a great nation-wide resource:

Great schools offers listings of 200,000 public and private schools from preschool-HS.

Along with websites, there are publications that can help you better understand the different options.  Here’s a great publication specific to learning more about Colorado Online Schools:

Choosing a Colorado Online School for Your Child

Here are 2 national publications:

A Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right Online Program

Know Your Choices

And for those students exploring a Service Academy, Academy Information Day is a great one-stop event happening in Colorado that is fun and very informative.

These websites and publications are great starting points to help parents know what’s available to them, but nothing takes the place of a face-to-face visit where you can get a real sense of how your child would fit in to the school you choose.

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