A ‘Fine’ Art Teacher

All 3 of my children have had the privilege of being taught by a teacher who goes above and beyond in educating.  She’s the type of teacher we all want for our children; one who makes a difference in the life of her students and is effective in her teaching.

This school year my 2 children are enrolled in a high school elective course, Fine Art, which is taught by Mrs. Jolene Masek, a Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) high school teacher.  Fine Art is a rigorous elective course that combines art history, appreciation, and analysis, while engaging students in hands-on creative projects.  There’s a quiz after every lesson and a unit exam at the end of every unit, as well as a comprehensive semester final.  Threaded discussions are required throughout the course, and several studios must be completed which provide opportunities for drawing, painting, sculpting, and other creative endeavors. Mrs. Masek also offers live online classroom instruction and tutor time for this course.

Although this is an elective class, it’s a demanding one and Mrs. Masek goes that extra mile to engage her students with humor as she teaches and helps students better understand the coursework.  The way in which a teacher delivers classroom instruction is a direct reflection in student engagement and participation.  Check out one of Mrs. Masek’s Elluminates, or live classroom instruction, courtesy of The Atlas Model.

Jolene Masek; Electives; Fine Art (Humor in the Classroom)

And without any further ado, I give you some completed Studio assignments courtesy of my children.


Unit: Studio: From Baroque to Romantic

In this studio, you will sculpt a portrait in clay based on the artworks and techniques you studied in the Baroque to Romantic unit. When your sculpture is complete, you will create a drawing of the portrait.

Unit: Studio: From Realism to Post-Impressionism

In this studio, you will make two paintings of the same subject. One painting will demonstrate Realist or Naturalist color and brushwork, and the other will demonstrate Impressionist or Post-Impressionist color and brushwork.

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