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Science in the Rockies promises to be an incredible Steve Spangler educational experience where you learn by doing.  This 3-day workshop teaches teachers how to make science really pop in the classroom.  This workshop will feature over 75 engaging activities and you will go home with all the tools necessary to be the best science teacher who will make science come alive for students.  You will leave with $300 worth of “gizmos, gadgets, hands-on learning materials for your students, hard-to-find supplies, and cool resources that accompany the Science in the Rockies curriculum. You’ll also receive a 250-page training manual that details every aspect of your learning experience, from the detailed instructions and recipes to the in-depth explanations and real-world applications.”

Read About Steve Spangler, the teacher’s teacher who has an over-the-top passion for teaching science.

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Tuesday, July 10-12 2012 at the Sheraton Denver West in Lakewood, Colorado.

Check out this 2 1/2 minute video from Science in the Rockies 2011.

Here are a few posts by bloggers who attended Science in the Rockies 2011:

Karin Piper, School Choice Advocate, talks about how Science in the Rockies offers thrills with learning.

Colorado Moms talks about Science in the Rockies with Steve Spangler and Science in the Rockies Inspires Teachers, Parents and Kids Alike.

And if you’d like to take a peak at some engaging experiments we tried at home, check out my review of this must have science book, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes by Steve Spangler and Steve’s latest experiment book, Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste.

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  1. Lori I’m so excited to have you this year as a blogger/social media guest at Science in the Rockies. I hope you learn a lot and have something to bring back to the online science community. Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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