Input a question and Wolfram|Alpha produces a result. 

This answer engine that launched in 2009 is different from using an online search engine like Google or Bing, which generates a list of web pages for you to search in order to find answers to your questions.  Wolfram|Alpha is a free online resource for discovering facts and getting instant answers to a wide range of varied topics. 

It’s simple to use, all you do is type in a question or computational request in the text field and Wolfram|Alpha calculates an answer for you from a knowledge base.  The information is constantly and continually being updated.

It’s also accessible as a mobile or tablet app and if you have a blog or website you can add lots of fun widgets to your site from a huge gallery of widgets and you can even customize widgets from the widget builder. 

Check out this 8-minute Intro to Wolfram|Alpha by Stephen Wolfram.

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