College Acceptances for Virtual School Students

I often get asked if colleges and universities will accept a HS diploma from a Colorado online school. The answer is yes if the online HS is accredited.

In Colorado, “The Multi-District Online Schools, Single-District Schools, and Single-District Programs listed below offer full-time online education programs and are authorized by a Colorado school district, BOCES, or the Charter School Institute, all of which are accredited by the State of Colorado.” (Colorado Department of Education Unit of Online Learning).

If your online high school diploma is from an accredited high school, then it is the same as any other high school diploma and your student will have the same graduation opportunities as students in traditional public schools.

Before enrolling in an online school it’s important to ask if the school is accredited. 

Read more about accreditation from the U.S.Department of Education.

Check out some of the 2011 K12 College Acceptances.

And Connections Academy College Acceptances.

Some of the colleges chosen by the 2012 Graduating Class include:

Colorado Virtual Academy

Ohio Virtual Academy 

Utah Virtual Academy 

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