Games to keep those math skills strong

One of the best ways to retain math skills is to have fun while you’re learning math.  There are many games out there that develop and reinforce number skills so children do well in math.

Trend Enterprises makes Math Bingo for addition, telling time, multiplication and division, money, subtraction, and place value.

RACK-O by Hasbro is a great game to play to strengthen number sense. Racko is played by putting numbered cards in order from greatest to least.

Chutes and Ladders by Hasbro is another fun game for preschoolers that helps build number recognition for numbers 1-100.

UNO is a very popular card game, but read how to Teach Math with UNO and you will be helping your child to learn number recognition, counting up and down by ones and twos, practice arithmetic, practice addition and subtraction facts, and more.  This article shares some very different ways to play UNO to tailor fit to your child’s learning.

If you’re looking for an online interactive site to help develop your student’s math skills, I highly recommend:

Aplus Math

Sheppard Software where they make learning fun

Math Expressions for grades K-5 where you can find games designed for fun

And be sure to check out Educational Resources at the top of my blog for other fun websites for all kinds of learning.

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