Katy Perry: Part of Me

It’s Friday, so today let’s turn away from education and check out Katy Perry’s movie which opened yesterday in 3-D.

I enjoy listening to Katy’s music and often hear it while driving in the car as my youngest plays some of her favorite tunes, but I had no idea of the story behind this inspirational and fun loving singer and songwriter.

Katy Perry: Part of Me is an up-close personal look at Katy’s life as a California native who grew up singing gospel to the start of her explosive and captivating career in the music industry. Katy’s struggle for stardom is an encouraging story and her short-lived marriage to comedian and actor, Russell Brand, is a heart breaking one.  I don’t want to give any part of the movie away, so come tour with Katy on her biggest World tour as she follows her dreams and inspires others to do the same!

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