Last weekend this summer to visit the Colorado Renaissance Festival


The Colorado Renaissance Festival is a family-fun must visit event located in Larkspur Colorado just south of Denver.  The festival is held on weekends only and this is the last weekend of the summer to enjoy a journey into the 16th Century and be entertained by characters dressed in Renaissance costumes and the wonderfully amusing daily shows.  There are over 200 shops along the streets where you can find unique works of the Renaissance time period and lots of fun food and beverages at reasonable prices.  Aside from the very popular turkey legs and steak on a stake, there were lots to choose from for us vegetarians, like corn on a stick, artichokes, portabella mushroom burger and cheese cake on a stick for dessert. 

We bought our tickets ahead of time at King Soopers and saved $3 per ticket and didn’t have to stand on line at the festival.  There’s lots of free parking and the event is open from 10 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.  If you’re adventurous enough, come dressed up in costumes or rent one there.  I suggest wearing comfortable shoes and bring hats or umbrellas for sun protection.

Enjoy this totally unique family-fun experience!

































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