Remember why you brought your child home to school

Every once in a while, both my children and I come to a place where we are feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted, and it becomes challenging to maintain our commitment to continue schooling online at home.

Back in 2004, I started searching for other educational options for my daughter, because we needed something more than what our public B&M school was able to provide.  Once we hopped on board and got acquainted with our public online school there were a plethora of reasons why we loved learning in the online model, which is why I brought my 2 boys home the following year.

We absolutely have ‘those days’ when things get overwhelming, and I admittedly lash out with threats of sending everyone back to B&M school, but things get put back into perspective and we remember why we chose this option.

It’s very helpful to keep a list of all the reasons why you brought your child home to school and make that list a living document as you continue to find those WOW moments of here’s another reason why. Keeping that list handy for “those days” is a great way to reflect back and remember why.

Here’s our list:

  • Outstanding, Rich, Core Knowledge Curriculum that makes learning POP
  • Individualized Instruction: One on one learning
  • Customized learning to fit “MY LEARNING NEEDS”.  It’s tailor fit for me        
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Move at MY own pace
  • Anywhere Anytime Learning
  • Revisit lessons anytime anywhere internet is available
  • I can complete courses in the order that fits my day, my way
  • Online learning will teach me to be self-disciplined- an absolute plus for entering college
  • No disruptions due to other student behavior issues
  • Immediate results on computer-scored tests/Instant feedback
  • K-8 is mastery based: I master it, I move on
  • I can get water or go the bathroom when I need to, not when the teacher says it’s okay to
  • Age doesn’t matter; I can be in the grade I ‘need’ to be in without worrying about my age
  • Our school is accredited
  • Student-centered learning
  • I learn in my learning style
  • I can begin school when I’m ready to learn
  • Lots of regional and school-wide events where I can mix and mingle and lots of student clubs to join
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