YouTube is the catalyst for the change schools need!

The past 2-days I attended a workshop full of WOW Moments!

Science in the Rockies was an amazing workshop that I attended by invite as a blogger.  There’s so much to share about the incredibly fun science experience I had, which I will do next week, but for today I wanted to raise awareness for a wonderful project that Angela Y. Lin works on in the education division of YouTube.  Angela was a presenter at the Science in the Rockies workshop. Last December YouTube launched YouTube for Schools which makes educational video content from YouTube EDU  easily accessible within schools.  YouTube EDU is available to the public absolutely FREE!  There are half a million videos in YouTube EDU from more than 700 partners.

This helps to support people like Sal Khan, Khan Academy and Steve Spangler, Spangler Science who have amazing educational videos to share.

YouTube has been around for 7 years and gets 4 billion watches every day.  Out of the 1 trillion views in 2011, 3 billion of those views were for educational content. 

There are several educational resources on YouTube:  There are 800 channels filled with over 800,000 videos from the likes of Khan Academy, museum content, Ted Ed, and universities like MIT and Stanford This launched last September and helps teachers find ways to use YouTube in the classroom and there are 300 playlists aligned with common educational standards Created by total nerds who love teaching and sharing. Currently features series on World History and Biology that follow along with the AP curriculum Videos for every element on the periodic table One minute physics videos From the folks at TED, this channel features audio from great teachers paired with amazing animation Videos from the science teacher you always wanted to have in school

Check out these FREE valuable educational resources and encourage your school to hop on board with YouTube for Schools. Schools need district approval first.  Here’s how schools can Sign up and Get Started

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  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing this Lori! I will be passing to on to all my friends! Keep up the good work…LOVE LOVE your blog!

  2. Our partnership with YouTube EDU is so exciting. The work Angela and her team have done to secure educational material for teachers, students and anyone who wants to learn is simply amazing. This channel separates the noise and the risk of watching YouTube and gives educators a solid resource.

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