Having a successful school year schooling from your home base

The 2012-13 school year begins in just a few weeks; our start date is August 20.  Being a veteran Colorado Virtual Academy parent/learning coach/mentor to 3 children, I have found over the years that getting organized helps to ensure a successful school year. 

I’d like to share with you a post I wrote last year right about this time of year to help parents and students get organized with their school space, materials, and to be prepared for a year long journey of learning and discovering.  I’ve included ideas for storage bins, organizers, school supplies and suggestions on how to keep folders organized on your computer’s desktop too.

Deciding to bring your child home to school is a huge commitment on the part of the parent/learning coach/mentor.  Parents play a vital role in ensuring their child has a successful school year and by starting early and organizing, you’ll find that you have the head start you need to support your child and help him reach his true potential. 

Please read Getting Organized in an Online School and share your ideas for helping to make this school year a successful one!

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