Valkyrie Cadet Squadron Change of Command


Civil Air Patrol’s Valkyrie Cadet Squadron is commanded by Senior Member, Major Thom Scheffel who supervises the Cadet Commander. The Cadet Commander who is selected to command the squadron must be committed to Civil Air Patrol’s core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. The Cadet must demonstrate leadership qualities, be a superlative role model for the entire squadron, and will serves as the liaison between the Senior Staff and the Cadet Staff.  This position requires many responsibilities and duties which include: selecting his cadet staff, establishing goals for the entire squadron, coordinating cadet staff activities, making personnel recommendations, promoting excellence, and leading drill and ceremonies.  The Cadet Commander will direct the squadron and has the ultimate position in the squadron’s hierarchy. 

It is a pleasure to introduce to you Valkyrie Cadet Squadron’s newest Cadet Commander, C/2d Lt David Harris, who took command on August 7, 2012 at Valkyrie’s Change of Command ceremony.

C/2d Lt Harris, C/Capt Harhai, Major Scheffel, Major King

Valkyrie’s Color Guard

C/Capt Harhai relinquishes command of Valkyrie Cadet Squadron

C/2d Lt Harris takes commnad of Valkyrie Cadet Squadron

Valkyrie Cadet Squadron Senior Members: To the left is Major Gilmore, a WW II Cadet

Thank you C/Capt Harhai for your service in commanding VCS since January of this year!

Congratulations to C/2d Lt David Harris!

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