Almost Naked Animals


Almost Naked Animals is a hilarious television show for younger kids, but adults will love to watch right alongside their child. Almost Naked Animals includes a cartoon cast of just about every animal you can think of as they try to run a hotel called the Banana Cabana. Howie the dog, owner of the Banana Cabana, is assisted by Octo the octopus, Narwhal the narwhale, Duck the duck and Piggy the pig, just to name a few.

Throughout the episodes of Almost Naked Animals the characters have to overcome ridiculous and amusing obstacles to keep the Banana Cabana up and running and unknowingly stop Howie’s sister, Poodle, from closing the Banana Cabana in one of her evil schemes.

I highly recommend this animated comedy series for family-fun entertainment!

Don’t forget to check out Almost Naked Animals Games and the awesome e-store!

You and also find Almost Naked Animals on Facebook and Twitter @AlmstNkdAnimals 

Disclosure: I received its My Party DVD, T-shirt, journal, and a tote bag from Team Mom: Child’s Play Communications in exchange for an honest review.

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