Colorado Virtual Academy Parent-Led Learning Cooperatives


Co-ops are a great way for families who school their children from a home base to come together in a physical setting to learn.  In Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) we use the K12 curriculum to educate our children. Through these parent-organized and parent-led co-ops, COVA families meet weekly to complete lessons in Science, History and Art. Some co-ops offer electives in the afternoon and some get together for field trips and outings.

Thanks to the COVA parents who took the initiative to organize these groups and offer a safe environment for families to connect, learn, and have fun!

Check out the COVA Parent-led co-ops below for more information and if you don’t see a co-op in your area and would like to start one, please contact me through Kontactr.

Denver West CO-OP

Flatirons Region CO-OP

Pikes Peak Region CO-OP

Below is another great parent-led opportunity for COVA families!


If you are looking for experiential learning and COVA friends for you children, join the Booster Buddies Club. This parent-led group meets in the South Denver Metro area and around the state for opportunities to create friendship and support families in their educational journey!

I wish everyone a very successful journey of learning and discovery with Colorado Virtual Academy for the 2012-13 school year!

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