Friends of Horses: A Great Volunteer Opportunity For Horse Lovers!


This past Saturday, my daughter and I volunteered at Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption (FOHRAA), an organization dedicated to the care and adoption of abused or neglected horses.  FOHRAA is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation based in Denver and started by Bill Stiffler in 2002. There are currently over 100 horses being cared for at FOHRAA.  The majority of horses came from loving homes that were no longer able to care for them and other horses were rescued from the slaughterhouse.  FOHRAA rescues, rehabilitates and offers adoption for PMU foals, retired racehorses, pleasure horses, companion and senior horses.

My daughter has been forever passionate about  caring for horses and learning about horses.  FOHRAA has a great hands-on program geared towards all ages that educates and teaches volunteers how to properly care for horses.  Volunteers are welcome on weekends from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and during the weekdays anytime between 9 a.m.-5 p.m.  There is a required Orientation Class before you can volunteer.

FOHRAA also offers Heartstings & Hoofbeats Theraputic Riding and Hippothearpy.

“Therapeutic Riding: NAHRA certified instructors, through therapeutic and enjoyable equine assisted activities, work with disabled riders learning basic horsemanship that stimulates physical, mental and emotional growth. Riders gain social, personal and educational confidence when working with horses as well as a sense of freedom and independence.”

“Hippotherapy: An innovative approach to speech therapy. The child rides a specially trained horse while the speech therapist stimulates speech and language skills. This treatment tool increase speech and language skills while decreasing sensory motor difficulties. The increased muscle tone achieved through the horse riding also increases motors skills and motor planning.”

Volunteering at FOHRAA is a great way to get introduced to the responsibility of caring for horses, learning about horses, and getting the opportunity to play with the horses.  They also offer professional riding lessons with Audra Dobbs, Miss Rodeo Colorado 2009.

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  1. This sounds like a great program for budding horse owners! Most people don’t realize the work and expense involved with owning a horse until they have one. In my eyes, they are worth every bit of the work and money. A horse becomes devoted to a caring, loving owner and they show you how they feel in so many ways. I used to read those stories of untrained wild horses who were hard to work with. Then a young child gets on the horse and rides him/her like he/she was a camp horse and think it was all fiction. Nope, I know now that is the truth. My own horses are that way with us. I hope your daughter is on the way to being a life long rider and horse owner!

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