Book Love: A Book Parents Are Sure To Love!


Melissa Taylor, owner and author of Imagination Soup has written a book: Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Entusiastic Reader.

Book Love is a playful, animated book for parents with children who don’t like to read. This book offers lots of great ideas that bring you back to the basics, which we all too often forget. We are reminded that it’s okay to “Geek out”, and in this technological reliant world of ours, that’s validation that was music to my ears.  This book offers reasons why your child may not like reading and it suggests ideas on how to help your child embrace reading. There are assessments, product recommendations, activities, and a wealth of tips to turn that reluctant reader into a passionate one. “Our active kids need us to think outside the chair.” (p.47)

Book Love is just what the parent of the reluctant reader called for! This book offers a one-stop read for everything a parent will need to engage their child in reading! Promote literacy in your family by picking up a copy of Book Love!

Book Love will be available tomorrow, October 23! Download the first chapter here!

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  1. Thank you so much! My book designer got behind so it won’t be available until the 25. Only a few more days . . . 🙂

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