Monique Christensen for School Board

Today’s post is dedicated to a very special lady who I am honored to call my friend.

Monique Christensen and I first met through our involvement with our respective state coalitions and then continued on to serve together on the National Coalition for Public School Options. Over the years, Monique has continued to pursue her passion to advocate for choice in education, and she works tirelessly to help assure that every child has access to a high quality education.

Monique is a great lady doing great things to improve education for all students. Monique’s undying passion and commitment to education in our country is inspirational!

This year Monique is running for Seymour Community School Board, and is one of three candidates from the Jackson Township.

Please take a few minutes to read Monique’s biography below and you’ll get a sense of her dedication to education reform and her continuous commitment to volunteering her time and efforts to ensue parents, schools, and legislators are informed about educational opportunities and options.

Monique will always put the student first and she has the experience that makes her the best choice for board member!

Monique was recognized with Indiana’s First Ever Ed Reformer Award as Parent Advocate of the Year!

If you live within the Seymour Community School boundaries Monique deserves your vote!


“I’m a mother who sees the worth of every child and is willing to work hard to see all students reach their potential.

I believe education is the single most important factor that touches every other social issue. Improving education is my life’s work. Yes, I feel that passionate about it.

I have an education background with a focus on technology, learning styles, & special ed (currently obtaining my certification).

I study education research and policy for FUN. Seriously. I’m also not afraid to take action to change things for the better, whether that means going to and addressing the Indiana legislature, or helping out locally to make a difference for one. I believe all education policy should put what is best for kids first, always above adult interests.

I’m the former (volunteer) president of Indiana Virtual School Families, which is a group of thousands of families throughout Indiana that fought and won a legislative battle for Indiana students to have access to quality online schools.

I also served on the volunteer board and as the vice president of the National Coalition for Public School Options, a parent advocacy group that encourages and trains parents across the nation to get involved in improving education. With them, I visited Washington DC and many congressional offices and our efforts helped to successfully change federal law regarding the unfair practice of discrimination against certain public school graduates in the military’s three-tier entrance classification.

I have a love/hate relationship with politics. I know politics are the dark underbelly of education. I understand this and have experienced the workings of the “sausage factory” many times. But don’t like it. At all. Doing what’s right for kids should always come first.

State level policies are locally implemented–and how they are implemented makes all the difference in their success or failure. I want our kids to thrive, our teachers to succeed, our schools to excel. Implementation is key.

I’ve been happily married for 20 years to a fabulous guy, Danny. We have four kids, three that currently attend Seymour Schools and one adopted daughter, a wonderful son-in-law, & adorable granddaughter. We are also former foster parents.

I’m active in church and volunteering including meals on wheels, former CASA, tutor, and I currently serve as an early morning seminary teacher for teens.

I’m a former homeschool mom & have experience with all types of schools including traditional public, public charter, virtual schools and private schools. I support all quality learning opportunities and believe that not all kids learn in the same way nor thrive in the same environment & setting. Social-emotional education and teaching the whole child is just as important in developing solid, honest, hard working and contributing citizens of our community as is math and reading.

Education starts at home folks…yes, parental involvement is of vital importance and teachers can’t do it alone. Schools, teachers and parents should respectfully work together to help kids reach their highest potential.

Better schools come from better leadership, better spending, better parenting, and better accountability from student to superintendent and everyone in-between.”





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