Colorado Virtual Academy Families Enjoy a Day at Anderson Farms


Our Colorado Online School Families have an abundant amount of social opportunities available to them. Opportunities such as those offered through the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families where families enjoy Colorado Cyber School Park Day, Back-to-School Bowling, and our annual Day at the Capitol. These events are a great way for families to connect with other families from a  diverse group of cyber schools in the state of Colorado.

Cyber School Families also have social opportunities offered through their cyber schools, like yesterday’s event. It was a great day for Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) families and our Wonderful COVA Teachers to come together at Anderson Farms and enjoy a beautiful unseasonal Colorado day of great weather and great fun.  Pictures speak for themselves, so check out the pictures below of our COVA students and families just having a plain old great time together.














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  1. Lauren Wallace says:

    We had a great time at Anderson Farm yesterday. Thank you Lori!

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