2013 American Pioneer of Teaching Award

The 2013 American Pioneer of Teaching Award: Now accepting nominations!

Once again PublicSchoolOptions.org presents The American Pioneer of Teaching Award to recognize top performing teachers in non-traditional schools.

Nominations are now being accepted by completing this Awards/Recognitions Nomination Form. This is a great way to acknowledge and recognize those teachers who go above and beyond to make a difference in the life of a student.

Throughout the years I have highlighted some of our teachers at Colorado Virtual Academy who have truly made learning come alive and have positively impacted my children’s lives.

Here are some of those posts:

A ‘Fine’ Art Teacher

Outstanding Online Teachers and a Prepared College Student

COVA Teachers Rock

A stellar teacher is one who makes learning a journey and brings creativity to the next level. That high quality teacher will individualize instruction to meet the needs of each individual and unique learner while encouraging them to excel.

What does your teacher do that sets them apart from the traditional classroom teacher who simply meets teacher expectations? Share your story here to acknowledge that special teacher who has made a difference in your child’s life.

PublicSchoolOptions.org President Beth Purcell talks about her experience as a teacher and mother of two public charter school students in a video announcing this launch of the 2013 award competition.”

April 2- April 12: Nominations accepted by completing the online Awards/Recognitions Nomination Form

April 24- May 2: Vote for finalists on Facebook

May 6: Winner announced!

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