Brigadier General Jim Hall and Captain Michael Kearns Visit Valkyrie Cadet Squadron


Last night Valkyrie Cadet Squadron had the privilege of being joined by Brigadier General Jim Hall, USAFA retired and Captain Michael Kearns, USAFA retired and formerly a member of the Australian Secret Service.

Jim Hall is a parachuting pioneer free falling from the sky since the 1940’s with over 3000 jumps! Check out the 2-minute video below to learn more about Ripcord, a show co-created by Jim Hall.

Michael Kearns shared his experiences with us including free falling over the South Pole with 3 other skydivers. He was the only survivor. Watch the video below to hear his story.

Thank you to Jim Hall and Michael Kearns for honoring us last night and sharing your stories and knowledge with our squadron.

Kearns and Hall

Hall addresses Squadron

Capt Michael Kearns


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