Colorado Virtual Academy Teachers, Advisors, and Counselors are SHINING STARS!


COVA Shining stars

Today I’d like to recognize and celebrate Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) teachers, advisors, and counselors who have made a difference in the lives of my children.

Our COVA teachers go that extra mile to ensure students are successful in the online model. Teaching effectively in an online school requires that teachers provide students with varied opportunities in order for students to achieve.

COVA teachers are responsible for the academic growth of their students and for administering the state standardized testing program, as well as other applicable tests administered throughout the school year. COVA Teachers monitor and oversee student progress, assure work is completed in a timely manner, monitor attendance, conference with parents and the student, among the many other daily responsibilities to ensure that each and every student is reaching their academic potential.

Our teachers provide academic support and instruction to their students through several different methods. One approach is the live online session, or Class Connect where teachers instruct in real time with groups of students, and these sessions are typically recorded for students to reference at any time. Students also interact with other students and their teacher through monitored threaded discussions, as well as a Raise Your Hand section for Q&A.  Students have the option to connect with teachers through instant messaging, F2F opportunities, phone, and K-mail, which is COVA’s secure e-mail system within the virtual school.

COVA teachers are responsible for grading assignments and/or work samples and assessments, as well as providing feedback to the student.  Our teachers connect with students one-on-one in Tutor Time and private conferences.

The partnership between the teacher, student, and parent/learning coach is vital in ensuring students are achieving and progressing effectively using the many different means of communication and interaction.

During this week of teacher appreciation, it’s also important to recognize our awesome COVA Advisors who provide the very much needed non-instructional support to HS teachers and students. The advisors assist students in day to day academic planning and evaluating the student’s attendance and achievement data. Advisors also host live online sessions to keep students apprised of ongoing happenings at COVA, and they also sponsor student clubs.  Advisors attend field trips and other F2F activities to interact with students and families.

And our wonderful HS COVA Guidance Counselors play a very important role in supporting students in course selection and creating a four year plan, as well as in counseling needed for social and/or behavioral issues.  Counselors also work one-on-one with each and every HS student to advise them with future career and college paths. In the Finding Your Path course, which is instructed by the Guidance counselor and designed for the student, students explore their educational and career interests, define goals and create a path through high school that will prepare them for life after high school.

Beginning with the transition from middle school to high school, the school counselor promotes student success, provides preventive services, and responds to identified student needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on academic success, personal and social development and career and college guidance for all students. School counselors help identify community resources and provide referrals as appropriate

I appreciate and value our Colorado Virtual Academy Teachers, Advisors, and Counselors who are prepared and trained to be effective at what they do each and every day in the online school model.

To our Exceptional…Above and Beyond…Amazing…Innovative…AND VERY MUCH APPRECIATED COVA Teachers, Advisors, and Counselors….THANK YOU!

 Becoming an online teacher is a great article sharing the growth of an educator from a traditional brick and mortar setting to an online learning environment.

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” Tom Brokaw

COVA laptop

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