On the Road of Innovation: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20

Although this publication came out in June, I’m just reading it now and it’s so worth another mention.

On the Road of Innovation: Colorado’s Charter School Law Turns 20 takes a look back to the 1970’s as parents were demanding more public school options for their students to the passing of Colorado’s Charter School Act on June 3, 1993.  This publication also reflects back on the opening of Colorado’s first charter schools, the launch of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, which provides support to charter schools in the state, and the founding of the Colorado Carter School Institute in 2004.

Some of the educational options that were fought for included, Jefferson County School Districts Open Living School, traditional homeschooler’s fight for legal recognition, adopting open enrollment, and charter schools.

“Colorado was the third state in the country to adopt legislation enabling the creation of charter schools.” But it definitely did not come easy as this publication talks about the many battles and the debates fought in order to pass Senate Bill 93-183.

Thank you to the authors, Pam Benigno, Director, Education Policy Center and Kyle Morin for such a well written and informative account of Colorado’s education reform efforts.

Be sure to read, Voices: As state charter law turns 20, one of its champions seeks new role, written by Ben DeGrow.

And be sure to watch Devil’s Advocate: Colorado Charter Schools Turn 20, a 27-minute show hosted by Jon Caldara with guests Pam Benigno and Jim Griffin reflecting on the 20th anniversary of Colorado’s Charter Schools Act.

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