American Pioneer of Teaching Award 2014

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We all know a teacher who has touched our lives in a very meaningful way. A teacher who has made a difference in a child’s life and has helped that student succeed.

Public School Options has once again launched the American Pioneer of Teaching Award 2014 Competition in an effort to recognize an outstanding teacher in an alternative public school of choice like charter, magnet, virtual, online/blended learning, and other innovative education programs.

A stellar teacher is one who makes learning a journey and brings creativity to the next level. That high quality teacher will individualize instruction to meet the needs of each individual and unique learner while encouraging them to excel.

What does your teacher do that sets them apart from the traditional classroom teacher who simply meets teacher expectations? Share your story here  to acknowledge that special teacher who has made a difference in your child’s life.

And a very big Thank You to all of those above and beyond teachers who have had a positive impact on our children, our future!

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